Family Historian 6.2.2

There is  30 day trial but the software is 59.50 CAD and can be paid by PayPal even… for those that don’t do credit cards by preference like me… so bonus.

They currently on list 2 add ons:

Ancestral Sources

Charting Companion

I had to do some digging on the web from initial links from here in Canada  to find the 30 day trial of the software. The install was remotely quick but did require a reboot were the others did not.

This one is connected to and findmypast.Com

The test unit gedcom I have been using contains a lot of mixed data, variable connections and potential links to media. Out of installing and running this gedcom this application was one of two of the 7 that acknowledged potential breaks in media links to images, source files and extra errors like word wrapping. The software felt very intuitive. My test initial-viewgedcom also has 2 people I know I need to get more hunting done on them.

Data entry on this application is a lot easier due to layout. I am one for newer Tech and I prefer the layout and esthetics in this specific program.


To Compare the same person here is the aspect of Wendelin from screen shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Also I am impressed at the built in features that don’t need extra payments from 3rd parties. I may buy it later once I am done my quarterly hint acquisitions from ancestry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The built in leaf features that ancestry kinda dropped (their software is having transition issues to a new company). It pulls the data- quick enough but cool add-on feature.


To be honest- pending on your sourcing preference (was not a huge fan of this is a definite buy!


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