Backup: Online, Social or Off-line

This week I had the uncool news that I needed to tell my friend that her only USB stick bearing all of her university experience and 7 years of family photos will cost her $90-500 CAD to recover since she had it nowhere else- breaking our collective hearts.

To this conversation to prevent the tears again:

  • do you go cloud?
  • online application integrations through social connections like family or or
  • multiple offline storages?
  • paper hard copy?
  • Publish a book and call it?

There are pros and cons to all of the above.

Cloud Pros:

  • You can get it anywhere there is the internet available
  • It is expandable
  • In many cases, you can have it online
  • Traditionally it is easy to share or control the administrative or viewing only access
  • more than just genealogy can be shared

Cloud Cons:

  • The internet is needed to update the files between sites
  • more often than not there is a tangible reoccurring cost
  • security issues keep hitting the media
  • there is a minimum technical comfort level needed.

Examples DropBox, Google Drive, Sync

Online Socialized Integrations Pros:

  • Live updating between like-minded people-
  • gaurenteed protection from losses
  • super easy to share
  • data is 24/7 and not locked to hardware
  • universalization and duplicate data controlled (only one specific person talked about not 30 of the same person)

Online Socialized Integrations Cons.

  • Errors are across everyone’s data
  • may be a cost
  • only having specific file types or data
  • data integration into the application you are using maybe no longer supported or forcibly transferred to another support application or company
  • data harvesting to the profit of the company hosting (hints and clues are sold without your profit)

.Multiple off-line storage (eg 2+ duplicate USB sticks)


  • FULL control, share only when you want when you want
  • computers fail- your data is safe
  • security issues don’t exist
  • cost is one and done. No re-occurring



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