Death Happens… 

The part of genealogy that makes the researcher cold is straddling the line between considering a family member’s death as just a number/statistic or a memory that was a part of very interesting part of their life story.

While 6 months pregnant with my first child I scanned this into the shared drive and was shattered. To look at the idea of losing 4 children under the age of 3 to anything breaks my heart… and then to add to that people are actually still debating vaccine use.

You need to remember the dead were people, had lives,  loved and been loved.  The best way to honor their death is to remember them.

Today is Remembrance Day (November 11)is here in Canada. We honor the fallen of our armed forces to thank them for their absolute sacrifice. The thought for many is a day off for 5 minutes of unified silence -the part many forget is the lives.

The lives we forgot…

My grandparents were born in 1921, 1923 and 1930. The stories I was lucky enough to read and hear. This is a modified version.

The newspapers are taking about the draft. It is that he will get to go to serve to save our country. All able bodied men. And all dad has been talking about is not having food from the farm to help the boys that are not yet men. We’ve been knitting in class many things for the men already at the front.

~could you imagine your brother, cousin, neighbor whose over 16 excited to go save the neighborhood…

He sends letter from the bay of something. The Christmas letter came in February. We sent him pictures and some personal items like the picture of his fiance who is pregnant and due when he should come home. Mom is furious that she is due before he could come home but happy he found love.

And doesn’t come home.

A moment of silence doesn’t fix the stupid that is war. It doesn’t heal the broken hearts that can not heal. Silence does not restore the lives shattered by choices made by foreign leaders and choices thousands of miles away. 100 years later, silence and prevention is a good start.

When reading that my tree has lost over 10 young people. Under 30 years old-I am not even there yet and dying from someone else’s fight leaving my child without me is just- just that. The idea that the body doesn’t come back for closure -the family will never heal.

Here is perspective for today:

Everyone has lost someone to cancer or has been impacted by cancer now. Replace the word cancer with the “great war”. After all, that loss- mankind does it again not even 20 years later with more cancer deaths- senseless deaths.

The winner writes the history books for all to read. When we voted him in. He was going to make Germany great again!


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