Talking to Paper (in this generation)

So BS or health inhibitors can be valid reasons why you don’t trust living sources… There is always “Talking to paper” is my way of saying use vital statistics from the externally sourced documentation.

Great ideas for living data verification include:

  • Divorce decrees (local archives have up to date ones as soon as they clear)
  • Birth certificates (your own long versions)
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Adoption papers
  • Legal land titles (local registry-FOIP/location pending)
  • Phone book
  • Dare I say social media… LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • Your local religious leader your family members affiliated with
  • Other people at arm’s length
  • Clubs or organizations that knew said person
  • Business ownership notices or history
  • Obits of other family members
  • Open/closed court documents (family settlements or child payment arrangements where you are the benefiting party or custodial agreement)
  • On line sources like Facebook, and Linkedin etc.

Aiming for multiple data verification records per person validates accuracy and future problem prevention.

Religious leaders may know the last 2 generations even if you don’t.

Ever look at the history of a local family run business? It tells father and sons name or more.

When creating a family tree ,persons not dead yet are traditionally kept private due to ID fraud potential and because you may not have permission to share the data of the living for up to 50 years after there death pending on the country. Score for freedom of information and privacy acts-protecting you and your immediate family.


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