Digging Into Your Past

So you are curious about your family tree… 

Genealogy is still a big word that you may look up later and the ancestry family tree websites or you want to do the DNA thing you’ve seen on TV …  “taken in by the click bait” but it costs money… and I just missed their long weekend.

Genealogy is more that just the vitals of some dead people that have your last name. It is more than knowing where your grandparents are. It is more than knowing where you come from. 
Every one has a story… and every story has a beginning a middle and an end. To be honest I used to look just at vitals to see if the puzzles pieces could match.

It,s the devil in the details…

 It is finding the truth in your opa’s stories. It is explaining why the German family food handed down is perogies. Why you’ve heard your gram talk about the aunt no one has met. The lady grand dad won’t talk about. It is discovering that the last 5 generations of that part of the tree had heart problems pre 40 and its time to get tested. It is finding out that vaccines actually work by reading about one family who lost 5 daughters before they were 5 to the same dieseases. 

There is so much to discover and learn from your own roots-its time to discover it. I hope to cover a range of topics on hunting your tree based on my experiences hunting mine down. Good luck and happy hunting.


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